Notice of Completion of Merger of a Consolidated Subsidiary

Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Settsu, Osaka, Japan; President & CEO: Ryuichi Kume, Ph.D.; hereafter “Shionogi Pharma”), merged its wholly owned subsidiary Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Itami, Hyogo, Japan; Representative Director and President: Mitsuru Akasaka; hereafter “Nagase Medicals”) on April 1, 2022.


Shionogi Pharma today executed as scheduled an absorption-type merger of its consolidated subsidiary, Nagase Medicals announced in the "Notice Regarding Reorganization of Subsidiary through Company Merger" published on November 30, 2021.


Through merged with Nagase Medicals establishing a new business foundation, Shionogi Pharma will seek to create a diverse modality CDMO* based on the group’s unique knowledge, technology, and experience, including in the manufacturing of high pharmacological activity APIs and drug products, solid and injectable, while also aiming to establish a new continuous manufacturing platform for API.

The Merger of the two businesses aims to create a faster and higher quality full-range CDMO* and solutions business to increase customer value and drive growth as a technological innovation-focused manufacturing company.

*Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization



About Shionogi Pharma

Shionogi Pharma has expanded its business of manufacturing, sale, analytical testing and pharmaceutical engineering of ethical drugs and investigational drugs under its mission to “promote health and create new value to benefit all of society, providing highly valued healthcare products and services through the development of new technologies”. In addition, we aim to become the most trusted one-stop CDMO meeting the needs of all our customers, not limited to the Shionogi group.

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Corporate Planning Department, Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd.

 HP address:http://www.shionogi-ph.co.jp

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