FAQs: Pharmaceutical analysis


Q1 What are the fees for analytical method validation?
Fees for testing services including method validation vary depending on the type of formulation to be tested, number of samples, test items, required analysis time, and other testing conditions. We will provide a preliminary estimate if you give us an outline of your request. Please feel free to contact us for quotation. 
Q2 Are we required to exchange a contract before asking quotation?
Our routine practice is to exchange a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement upon customer’s request in order to properly manage information of the customer and then quote for your order after hearing details of your plan. A preliminary estimate can be prepared quickly if you provide us an outline of your request. Please feel free to send us your questions and inquiries. 


Q3 What type of contract do we need to exchange?
First, we will exchange a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement. If you agree to conclude simultaneously a comprehensive, so-called umbrella, agreement, you will be able to receive our services smoothly whenever you ask us additional tests/analyses or new orders in the future. It is also our routine to exchange a contract every time of order placement. Please feel free to send us your questions and inquiries. 

Meeting arrangements

Q4 We would like to have a time to talk about details of our planned tests.
Please send your meeting request via phone, facsimile, or contact form. 

Quantity of test samples

Q5 How many or much samples should we prepare for testing or analysis?
The required sample quantity or amount is calculated based on the type of tests or analyses planned. We will communicate the quantity or amount at a preliminary meeting with you. 
Q6 How should we deliver test samples to you?
We will inform you of the name and address of contact person (person in charge of your request) and our business office at a preliminary meeting. Please send test samples to the named place by courier service or postal mail with due care for maintaining the samples under optimal storage conditions during transportation. 
Q7 May we ask you to return samples after measurements are completed?
We return remaining samples to the customer, as a rule. If the samples are known to be safe and if you wish to dispose of them, feel free to ask us to do so. 


Q8 Could you tell us about the routine practice of payment?
Payment timing varies depending on the contract. 

Test and analysis results

Q9 When do we receive test and analysis results?
The reporting time varies depending on the complexity of tests and analyses. We would like to discuss time schedule at a preliminary meeting. 
Q10 Are we kept informed about the progress of study if the study is a long-term study, such as stability testing?
We will keep you informed of study results via e-mail. We are happy to visit you and directly explain interim test results, as needed. We promise you our commitment to excellence on communication. 

Report writing

Q11 What is the standard format for analysis report?
We will prepare final report in a format you specify. If not specified, we will create the report in our standard format. 
Q12 Is it possible to have final report in multiple copies?
Sure, it is possible. Please ask us for separate quotation. 
Q13 Is it possible that we look into the contents of report in advance?
We will send you a draft report via e-mail and ask you to review the contents in advance. 
Q14 In which way is the report delivered to us?
We will send the report by courier. Please feel free to ask us any questions and inquiries if you find anything unsure about the contents of the report. 
Q15 Can we ask you to prepare the report in English?
Sure, it is possible. Please ask us for separate quotation.