Mission & Vision


Mission statement

Shionogi Pharma‘s mission is to promote health and create new value to benefit all of society, providing highly valued healthcare products and services through the development of new technologies.

To achieve our mission,

  • We will become the most highly trusted, technological innovation-focused manufacturing company in the world.
  • We will consistently supply high quality products and professional services which address customer needs at globally competitive prices.
  • We will create and advance a platform that can contribute to the development and improvement of the global medical environment, and the sustainability of global societal growth.

Vision statement

  • To be a strong and trusted, technological innovation-focused manufacturing company with a significant presence
  • To be a company where everyone feels freedom to dream and take on challenges with pride
  • To achieve our vision,
  • Each employee is highly ambitious and works with great motivation and pride, demonstrating their abilities to their fullest.
  • Shionogi Pharma earns society’s trust as it provides products and services with ever increasingly sophisticated technology, and improves overall productivity.
  • Shionogi Pharma continues to grow as a “technological innovation-focused manufacturing company”.