Worker Protection (chemical hazard prevention measures)


Shionogi Pharma manufactures pharmaceuticals on a daily basis, and we believe that those who work to deliver medicines must not become sick by manufacturing them. For this reason, we have established a system to protect workers (prevent chemical hazards) through rational and scientific risk-based management of chemicals with the aim of ensuring the safety and health of workers.

Under the system, we set Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) based on the non-clinical/clinical test information of chemical substances, from which we determine engineering control (EC) requirements, identify the functions required for facilities and protective equipment, and select the ones with appropriate performance. Then, through risk analysis and exposure measurement, we confirm that the working environment is below the allowable exposure limit for workers.

 Social Contribution


Shionogi Pharma cooperates with related organizations as a central player in the local community and actively participates in and contributes to various activities, such as the environmental beautification of local areas and disaster prevention.

In accordance with one of our EHS policies, “We build a partnership of trust with society by supporting local and social environment protection activities and health and safety activities, and by enhancing communication, including disclosing information,” many employees actively participate in various community activities. They include environmental beautification of local areas, the enhancement and reinforcement of fire and disaster prevention capabilities, traffic safety awareness activities, and providing support for elderly people living alone and those with disabilities such as by shoveling snow and monitoring through communication with them. We will continue to establish better communication with the local community.

● Major Activities


・Environmental beautification

Environmental beautification activities through cleaning around our plants (each plant)

Participation in a thorough clean-up along Osaka Central Loop Line (September every year; Settsu Plant)

Wall greening (525 m2) along a main road in support of Osaka Prefecture’s “Midori no Kaze no Michi Network” (Settsu Plant)

Participation in the Kanegasaki Town Cleanup Campaign (community clean-up) (April every year; Kanegasaki Plant)


・Fire and disaster prevention

Participation in the Settsu City firefighting training competition, fire prevention promotion on the street during the autumn fire prevention campaign, and year-end special alert patrols (each once a year; Settsu Plant)

Certified as a firefighting cooperative company (Kanegasaki Town, Kitakami City) (four employees registered; Kanegasaki Plant)


・Critical care

Establishment of a life-saving support system based on a commission by Settsu City to serve as a citizen life-saving support station (increase in the number of employees who have completed ordinary life-saving training, etc.; Settsu Plant)


・Traffic safety

Street traffic safety activity along Route 4 with heavy traffic during the traffic safety campaign period (four times a year; Kanegasaki Plant)


・Plant tour / Internship

Plant tours and internships for nearby university students and technical college students (each plant)


・Volunteer activities

Participation in the Kanegasaki Town Snow Busters project (support for snow shoveling for elderly single-person households, etc.) (December through March every year; Kanegasaki Plant)

Cooperation with group blood donations (once or twice a year; each plant)

 Initiatives for Health Management


Shionogi Pharma has set “promoting health management” as one of its EHS activity goals and implements initiatives that enable employees to focus on their health in a fun way. In the ongoing situation where we refrain from going out and are less active due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been holding a hands-on health seminar since 2021, triggered by the overall deterioration of lipid abnormalities and BMI among employees.

We held the Lifestyle-related Disease Prevention Seminar in FY2021, and the Heatstroke Prevention Seminar and the Frailty Prevention Seminar for Working Generations in FY2022. Frailty is the deterioration of mental and physical functions due to old age. The seminar provided a good opportunity for employees to know their current physical status and learn how to prevent frailty in a fun manner.

In the seminars, participants tasted health drinks, had their body measurements taken, and received expert advice. We aim to make a seminar a place where participants not only listen to lectures, but also actively participate in it!